World Posture Day

March 23rd

March 23rd is the Official World Posture Day from the International Posture Association.  This day is dedicated to increasing awareness world wide on the importance of postural hygiene.   Help us spread the awareness by downloading the WPD Promo Kit to promote to your community.

International Posture Association encourages all health care providers to offer a Free Posture Analysis to their community during this event!  Included in the WPD Promo Kit will be event posters and social media content to share and increase awareness and engagement with current and new patients.

Participating in World Posture Day helps increase awareness on the importance of proper posture, while helping to give the public an opportunity to become aware of the posture.  All persons should have a yearly posture analysis starting at the age of 6.  Share and spread the word about World Posture Day!

Download The Promo Kit