Posture Program Review and Analysis

The purpose of this Posture Program Review is to evaluate Posture Programs on the market, and provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of what each program offers and to enlighten readers to which type of healthcare professionals that each Posture Programs targets. This is to raise the awareness for healthcare professionals who are interested in expanding their practice to include posture analysis and correction.  It is under the scope of this association to provide health professionals with up to date information on choices for posture related products, and programs, allowing them to make educated decisions towards their practices and education. To date, this is the most comprehensive review of postural programs.

Be an informed consumer. If making an investment in advanced postural education, be sure the course you have chosen is the right program for your market specialty, clinical preference, and patient base. Each Posture Program is reviewed among varying categories so readers can gain an in-depth understanding of the program, what to expect, who it is for, the time and financial commitment, and the method of course delivery. It is not the purpose of this review to negate any programs, or to prove a program insufficient. Every program has both pros and cons from varying aspects dependent upon the needs of the health professional. It is the intent of this review to give an easy accessible mode to compare and review the programs in order to determine the right program for each health professional. This non-biased review allows healthcare professions to compare and contrast program offerings.

Readers should be informed that each of the programs selected for review provides participants with a certification upon completion. There are many other institutions that teach postural assessment and correction techniques with their methods. In order to make this review possible a criteria was set for the program to be selected. Each of the programs selected must teach posture as its primary focus and provide a certification to participants upon completion.

Posture Program Review and Star Rating

For each Posture Program a “Systematic Approach of Posture” will be included, to explain the main theories, concepts, and school of thought regarding posture. This will provide readers insight into the means and methods of how each Posture Program views posture. This will not be considered for their Star Rating. This is included to provide a thorough understanding of each program.

A section entitled “Targeted Healthcare Professionals” is also included. This will not be a point of evaluation for the star rating either. This section is also informative so readers have a clear understanding of which programs are most appropriate for their sector of healthcare.

The “Consumer Reviews” were found from a Google search in this format, “Consumer Reviews for (Name of Posture Program).” Each review provided is a non-biased review based on the information discovered. All information was found from an online search of public information.

Each Posture Program will be reviewed among the following categories:

  • Certification Curriculum
  • Accessibility of Course Delivery
  • Founder’s Credentials
  • Business and Practice Growth Education
  • Virtual Authority
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Price

From the categories above, each Posture Program will receive a unique star rating. The overall star rating will take into consideration each classification listed above to be a comprehensive score of consumer usability, benefits, curriculum concepts, and business growth support.

Posture Programs:

Posture Programs:

  • Postural Restoration Certified (Postural Restoration Institute)
  • Posture Alignment Specialist (Egoscue University)
  • Certified Posture Expert Professional (Body Zone)
  • Posturepro International Performance Program (Posture Pro)
  • Certified Posture Specialist (National Posture Institute)
  • Posture Analysis Specialist (Ace Fitness Certifications)
  • Certified Posture Expert (American Posture Institute)


Provided below is the final evaluation for all of the reviewed posture programs. The final star rating has been provided for each. The best rating is 5 Stars the least being 0 Stars. For a detailed review of each program, including the information of the categories selected for evaluation see below. The programs are listed in order of Star Ranking from Most to Least.

Posture Review Results

Program Review Results

  1. Certified Posture Expert – 5 Star
  2. Postural Restoration Certified – 4.5 Stars
  3. Posturepro International Performance Program – 4 Stars
  4. Certified Posture Exercise Professional – 3.5 Stars
  5. Certified Posture Specialist – 3 Stars
  6. Posture Alignment Specialist – 2.5 Stars
  7. Posture Analysis Specialist – 1 Star


Full Evaluation Report

To read the full 19 page review of each of the programs, click the link below.  You will then have access to the full review, and information obtained for each of these programs.

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