The Mission of the International Posture Association is to unite credible posture professionals, companies, and organizations worldwide to raise public awareness of the importance of proper postural hygiene for a healthy lifestyle.

Proper posture is a fundamental component of health and wellness.  Health care professionals from all disciplines agree that proper postural alignment, human biomechanics, and functional correction contribute to overall better health.  IPA supports a proactive model empowering human beings to live with healthful intentions, not by the circumstances of their environment.  As individuals learn to take control of their posture, they overcome environmental obstacles limiting their human potential and optimizing their life performance.

Unhealthy postural presentations are an epidemic in modern day society. Naturally aligned human beings have become the minority in our population. In the United States alone, 80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and seek treatment for it. The total cost of treating back pain has superseded 1 billion dollars a year.  The effects of poor posture are not just affecting adults later in life, rather they are affecting children of young ages as well. Currently, 65% of school-aged children present with back pain due to postural distortion patterns, and children as young as 10 years old are demonstrating visible spinal degeneration on X-ray. Children with poor posture develop into adults with even worse posture and sickly health conditions


Posture is the framework of human design while upright, static, and moving.  Proper posture allows each individual to resist gravity using efficient energy expenditure, stabilizing the body upright while allowing the body to move and interact with the environment.

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IPA is helping increase awareness on the importance of posture. As a physical therapist I support this mission and am a member of the International Posture Association.
Cathy V.
As a personal trainer I work with posture everyday. Now I have a credible association that supports me in my efforts, and is dedicated to increasing awareness on posture. Our society needs this, and I support IPA.
Steve H.
My patients hear me talk about the importance of posture all the time. Now I have the support of IPA to demonstrate this. As a doctor being a part of a credible association is very important. I am proud to be a member and fully support this mission.
Brian S.

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IPA is dedicated to helping like minded, credible posture professionals and organizations increase awareness on the importance of posture.  Become a member to support this movement and take advantage of the benefits of being a part of the International Posture Association.

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